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Liv Kennedy

As one third of both the 3 Black Halflings podcast and the Dicebreaker video team Liv is lucky to spend most days either playing Tabletop games or talking about them. Liv is not shy about her love of D&D acting as a DM when she can and playing in any game that will have her.

Three Black Halflings is a podcast by Jasper William Cartwright, Liv Kennedy and Jeremy Cobb: three nerdy friends with strong opinions and even stronger Charisma scores. Join them in their quest to explore diversity in the incredible worlds of D&D and pop culture while doling out DM tips, thought-provoking conversations, a band of guests, and good times!

Any tabletop related video you can think of, Dicebreaker probably has made it or plans to. From TTRPGs and board games to minis and card games, they’ve got it covered. It’s their mission to get you into tabletop even if you might not know where to start, everyone’s welcome so pull up a seat! You can check out their youtube channel or their website.

In 3BH’s actual plays she has played Juji Osei, the sweet Druid/Cleric Emere with secret power and in their City of the Black Rose campaign she plays Angela Crawford, the socialite with a hidden agenda and a heart of gold. Over on Dicebreaker she plays Iris Walker, a no-nonsense Tiefling who works as a photographic journalist.

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If you want to reach out for a chat, you can send me an email via one of the addresses you see here.

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