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About the Podcast

We provide a safe, fun way for people of all shapes and sizes to enjoy this fantastic hobby in a unique way with both, talk show episodes on topical issues & Actual Play’s which take place is the most beautiful and vibrant non-eurocentric landscapes. 


As the fantasy & gaming worlds expand, It is vital that we rally around minorities who aren’t typically seen or heard in this space or we risk losing them completely, for example all too often new cast announcements for major fantasy shows are met with the same hostility & tired hate. We seek to change that by uplifting people & showing the community that a show like ours can rise to the top! 


The Crew

3BH succeeding shows the world that all are welcome

Three Black Halflings has seen a meteoric rise since launching in Summer 2020. From three friends with three mics to a globally renowned brand. In our first 6 months we hit 10,000 downloads, by 9 months year we blew past 50,000 downloads, and within a year hit the milestone of 100,000! Not bad for a fledgling show,  as we now celebrate our third anniversary we are on course to hit 3 Million overall downloads!

Featured Guests

Here are just some of the amazing guests we've been so lucky to chat with or play games with or both! 

These creators have been kind enough 


Matthew Mercer joined us in the episode 'Mid-90s Bullshit'. Chatting to us about spoke about cybernetic dolphins, taking care of your 5x5 & how crocodiles hold guns!


The 2 Crew (Emily Axford, Brian Murphy, Caldwell Tanner & Jake Hurwitz) have been friends of the show for a long time. During that time we've enjoyed many crossovers with them such as our legendary Paradox Perfect Two-Shot.


Aabria Iyengar joined us in the episode 'Cake, Liches & Bitches', talking about why theatre of the mind is even better than maps, playing against type and the creation of Mrytle the Bitch.


Erika Ishii was a long awaited guest on the show and they didn't disappoint! With their help we created a new segment on the show called 'Lore Drop'. We also discuss artistic influences and acting in video games.


Brennan Lee Mulligan chatted to us in the episode 'An Explosion of Inclusivity'. Sharing prep tips and an epic tale from the table involving the best home game Nat 20 ever seen! 


Lou Wilson's appearance on the show manifested the iconic quote 'The Right Dungeon & the Right Dragon'. Not only that, we discuss Lou's first time playing D&D, improv with Brennan Lee Mulligan & how building diverse games enriches the experience.

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