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Jasper William Cartwright

Jasper William Cartwright is an actor and producer across multiple mediums including TV, Film, Podcast & Video Games. He is starring in leading roles for an upcoming feature film & TV series, while also playing large supporting characters in 2 upcoming video games including Errol (War Groove 2 NDA) & a leading role.

Since founding and hosting the award-winning 3 Black Halflings podcast, Jasper has established himself as a key figure in the TTRPG scene and has subsequently guested on countless Actual Play shows including Not Another DnD Podcast (2022), Dark Dice (2023), The Dungeon Run (2022) and will be performing in Dimension 20's Burrows End.


Jasper is on an upward trajectory in the industry, with many more projects currently in progress that he is excited to share with the community, including collaborating with Zac Oyama on bringing back the Rotating Heroes Podcast as the Game Master. 

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