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Our Actual Play Campaigns

We're so proud of the worlds we've managed to bring to our audience so far and we can't wait to create and inhabit more! Here are some of the Actual Play projects we've published on 3 Black Halflings.

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“In a land ravaged by a magical cataclysm, a small band of heroes rides in search of answers, revenge, and redemption.”

3BH’s  Jasper Cartwright and Jeremy Cobb are  joined by seasoned roleplayers and TTRPG legends Emily Axford (NADPOD, Dimension20)  Connie Change (Transplaner, Dropout) & Jonathan Charles (God Of War, 3BH) in the continuation of a unique weird west campaign.

Our tale begins as a new Fallen arrives in Wagadu! They emerge, having lost their memory, and find themselves in a world of new friends, dangerous enemies, and untold mysteries...

Starring: Shamini Bundell (she/her) as Reth (they/she, Eland's Blessing Swala, Squared Circle Pugilist)

Liv Kennedy (she/her) as Juji Osei (she/her, Bloom Emere, Circle of Stars Druid 4/Twilight Cleric 1)

Jonathan Charles (he/him) as Aboade (he/him, Copper Ironmaster, Battle Smith Artificer)

and Jeremy Cobb as your Very Neighborhood Dungeon Master!



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A small-town constable ventures into a vast, dark metropolis to solve the case that's haunted him for years. A corrupt city official fends off her most dangerous rival while her waifish bodyguard looks on, his gaunt form hiding a terrible power. A street urchin comes of age and leaves her found family for an uncertain future. Welcome to Mavros: The City of the Black Rose.

Starring: Isa as Pimms (Goblin Rune Knight Fighter) Jasper William Cartwright as Duncan Dullahan (Dhampir Tabaxi Way of Mercy Monk) Jonathan Charles as Bilwop Wunkle (Forest Gnome Swarmkeeper Ranger) Teri Gamble as Zora Hildebrandt (Variant Human Great Old One Warlock)and Jeremy Cobb as our Resident DM!

Art by Val Babayants

"No one knows exactly why people fall into Wagadu but what is clear is that it’s an irreversible process" - The Wagadu Chronicles. Now they are here, can Mooti Qobaa and Ongenagama discover the secrets of Wagadu and who they were before they fell.

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Big Trouble.jpg

3BH presents a 7-part adventure using the Kids on Bikes system! Starring Charlene Bayer, Connie Chang, Margaret Krohn, B. Dave Walters, and Kelly Wright, with Jeremy Cobb as your Very Neighborhood GM!

The year is 1985, and strange things are afoot in the decaying suburban sprawl of Little Mineuse, Ohio. A respected scientist has gone missing, a mysterious eyepatch-wearing stranger is lurking around town, and armed figures clad in black have been sighted in the woods. As the mysteries mount, it’s up to our heroes: the goth, the chess champion, the film geek, the jock, and the burnout, to set aside their differences, overcome the odds, and save the day!

We love a good one-shot at 3 Black Halflings. There are so many systems to explore and so little time to do it in. To combat this, we present our audience with one-shots or two-shots to show off gameplay or just fun concepts we have in mind. You can find them below!

Crisis on Infinite Costners a Paradox Perfect two-shot with NADDPOD

Part 1: Costneresque Character Creation

Part 2: Days of Future Piss 

Honey Badgers, Pirate Lesbians and JUSTICE (Thirsty Sword Lesbians) with Friday

The Vineyard RPG with Friday and Drakoniques

An Ode for the Lost (Harlem Unbound - Call of Cthulhu) with London Carlisle 

Strix Bitches (a D&D Strixhaven Adventure) with Connie Chang, Persephone Valentine, Cyle Durkee 

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