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Jess Jewell

Jess is a producer, editor, and writer based in the UK, and is known for her roles in the TTRPG live show and stream Questing Time, as well as being the director of getting sh*t done for 3 Black Halflings.

3 Black Halflings has established itself as one of the most popular and important TTRPG podcasts in the world, asking questions and tackling issues revolving around diversity in the TTRPG industry while creating and playing incredible games with a wide range of top-tier guests, and since February 2023, Jess has played the role of producer covering all the podcast’s operations.


While Jasper, Jeremy and Liv work wonders on the mic, Jess is behind the scenes running operations that range from booking guests to organising convention appearances and working with the Halflings on how best to take the show to new creative heights.


Prior to 3 Black Halflings, Jess was an actual play performer and GM for the UK’s popular comedy live D&D show Questing Time – and still is, dice rolls depending. She has extensive experience of producing live comedy with a particular focus on science-fiction and fantasy conventions, resulting in multiple successful sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and mainstage sell-outs at Insomnia Gaming Festival. 

Her background also extends to YouTube channel management, working with channels to produce videos that have totalled over 1 billion views to date. Yeah, billion with a b, not a typo – she can’t believe it either. 

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Myself and the 3BH Team can't wait to work with you!

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